Frequently Asked Questions

Why should e-learning be of interest to me?

Gone are the days where you need to take delivery of DVDs and books - load people into a classroom and draw everyone together for a single, expensive and ineffective session. This new, innovative, Platform allows your people to experience ideas, concepts and guidance in their own time and on their own device. This ground-breaking approach is SO much easier and relevant to today's team that - in an instant - you have an offering which your team will WANT to use - Coaching in the cloud. Unlike standard webinars and old-fashioned learning, The Mark Jeffries Communication Academy also gives you clear and instant insight into how your team are doing, how far each of them have got with the course material and how well your investment is paying off.

How many lessons are there and how long are they?

In each of the Four Courses - there are between 4 and 6 chapters - Each one is of varying length. Put it this way - if you sat down and went through the entire experience - from start to end - it would take you approximately three hours. However, we are all busy people (!!) so this "coaching in the cloud" experience has been designed in such a way that you can pick up where you left off as many times as you like.

Is there an individual rate plan?

Yes - For individuals, you can subscribe to and access the entire course for just $30 per month with an initial one-off activation charge of $60.

Can I train more than one person with the same user name?

I'm afraid not - The system doesn't allow for that - but more importantly that would nullify the hugely valuable data that comes from the user-analytics package that allows you to measure and monitor the progress that each of your people individually make as they work through the courses.

Can I just buy this for a month?

Your success is my #1 concern. Like all great coaching, this isn't a "see it once and it's learned" proposition, which is why I and my clients believe that for ongoing results, your people need to be able to revisit their favorite sections and remind themselves of the most crucial aspects of the courses as often as possible. There will be many occasions where you will encourage your team to sign in again: Before a major pitch, an interview, a conference or event, your team needs to revisit "The Art of Business Influence - Selling without Selling". So, you can end it after a month if you wish - but it is recommended that you stay connected and subscribed to take as much value as possible. (Plus I'll be adding additional content throughout the year adding even more value to your ongoing subscription).

How many times can I watch videos and are they downloadable?

While the videos aren't officially downloadable, you and your team, (while you remain subscribed members) have continuous access to all the video content to watch and to benefit from as often as you like!

Will you be adding more content?

New and valuable content will be added on a regular and ongoing basis - always raising the value of your investment in your people.

Can I tailor this to my organization?

The short answer is 'yes'. The longer answer is - let's talk. This entire set of courses can be branded and tailored to your exact needs - If you would like to make this a key, customized, in-house investment, contact me soon and we'll talk about how to refine this online offering to match your vision.